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No matter your fundraising challenge,

we've assembled a select group of people

who have faced it before

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At heart, we love working

with great causes












We love finding, and telling great stories


 We love digging into the data

to find out what makes your donors tick

We love using design to get your message

across and engage your stakeholders


 - print and publishing design

 - digital design

 - event and campaign design

We love keeping up to date

with industry best practice


 And we love sharing 

our knowledge with others 

We offer four pillars of service 

 - Content 

 - Strategy 

 - Design 

 - Data

 Across a variety of channels
- Fundraising Appeals 
- Website Content 
- Social Media Marketing

We want to partner with you to:


 - communicate with your donors and other stakeholders

 - grow your database

 - raise more for your cause

 - present your charity to the world

“This year we wanted to see how we could lift our annual appeal results.  My team attended a workshop and a separate working session with heart for causes to really help us understand what we were saying and how the story would engage our audience.  With their assistance, we designed an integrated appeal with supporting social media.  The result has been a 65% increase in funds raised. Our donor numbers have grown, we have reduced the churn and now have a great story to tell for next year about the impact our donors have had on our work.” 

Hilary Ayres, Database Officer, Auckland Grammar School

‘It’s been a real pleasure working with heart for causes on our renewal appeals. They really understand the client perspective, fundraising best practise and provide a high level of professionalism.’

Pascale Hastings, Donor Relations Manager, Camp Quality

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