3 Ways You Can Use Email Marketing to Make More Money from Your DM Campaign

Can email boost the results of your direct mail (DM) campaign? Yes! Get your donors’ attention online to increase the impact of your direct mail appeal and raise more funds.

People spend so much time online and in their inboxes these days. So there’s a great opportunity to back up your direct mail campaign with an email element. 

Here are three great ways you can use email to give your DM appeal a boost…

  1. Give them a heads up

Send a short, sharp pre-campaign email to let people know there’s a letter on the way. That way, when they get your letter you’re already on their mind. This can really help your envelope stand out from the unwelcome bills and sales catalogues.

You don’t want to give away too much though – say just enough about the topic or your case study to pique their interest. Make sure you include a link to your online donation page in case they feel inspired to give on the spot.

  1. Reinforce your message and add some urgency

Sending an email can be another way to get your campaign in front of your audience – because let’s face it, some people won’t receive, read, or react to your letter. 

Your email should be a succinct, punchy version of the story with short, descriptive subheadings that break up the text. People don’t have time to read long emails, especially if they are scrolling through quickly on their mobile phone, and you need to keep their attention.

Only ask people to do one thing at a time. If you want them to donate, ask them to donate!

It’s fine to embed a video in the email if that’s possible and be sure to include a link to a landing or donation page, but don’t lose their focus by sending them off on a tangent to look at an article, Facebook page or YouTube channel etc. Keep that extra content for your donor care communications.

  1. As an urgent follow-up

Follow up with an email at the last minute to remind people to make a donation. 

Pitch it as an urgent last reminder and include a deadline and a link to your donation page. You could include some fresh information about the case study but keep the copy to a minimum.

 Tax time tip: As we approach the end of the financial year, email is the perfect way to send a super urgent, last-minute call to make a tax-deductible gift by 30 June. It tends to motivate mid- and high-value donors in particular to donate and has worked brilliantly for many of our clients.

Things to remember – otherwise it’s just another email

  • Get people to open it

The number one challenge with a direct mail or email fundraising campaign is getting people to open your message. The average open rate for eDM is just under 25%.

Make sure your headline, subject line and preview text are enticing and even a bit mysterious, so they make people want to know more. 

Use Coschedule’s email subject line tester to rate your subject lines and use their tips to increase your chances of click-through.

  • Make it really easy for people to give

The best way to get people to donate is to catch them at the moment they feel inspired to give– and make it as easy as possible.

Include buttons and links in your email (with every ask and after any especially inspiring content) to take the reader straight to your donation page, so they can make gift on the spot. 

  • Don’t substitute email for direct mail

Digital is an important part of your marketing mix, but it’s best to use it to support your direct mail campaign and increase your audience, rather than as a standalone means of communication.

Used sparingly and at the right time, email marketing can help you reach more people, reiterate your message, and boost the results of your DM campaign!

Learn how to boost the results of your DM campaign using digital