Top 5 Reasons People Leave Money to Charity

Gifts in Wills are a crucial way to ensure an ongoing source of income for your charity.

But what motivates someone to leave a gift to a charity in their Will?

Bequests, or gifts in Wills, are an important way to make sure your charity will always have the funds you need to carry out your work.

There are many reasons people choose to leave a gift to a charity in their Will. Keep these in mind when you communicate with people who have told you they’re considering a bequest – or present the idea to donors who haven’t yet thought of it as an option.

  1. Personal connection

If a donor, or one of their friends or family members, has had a personal experience with your charity, it can create a bond that they may wish to continue after they are gone – as a way of saying thank you or helping others in a similar situation.

  1. Passion for your cause

Someone who has a longstanding passion for what you do, or a special affiliation with your beneficiaries, may want to help make sure you can continue to make a difference in the years to come.

  1. To be remembered

Many people think about gifts in their Wills in terms of how they will be remembered. Often referred to as ‘visualised autobiography’, it’s all about creating a final chapter of their life that they can be proud of. Leaving a meaningful, lasting legacy.

4. To make a positive difference in the community

Many people, especially older donors who have lived through wars or tough economic times, have been raised with a strong work ethic and worked hard to be successful.

It is common for them to feel a responsibility to ‘give back’ to those who have been less fortunate, as a way of showing thanks for their good fortune.

5. Because they were asked

Last, but definitely not least, the biggest reason people will leave a gift to your charity in their Will: because you ask them.

If your donors feel a strong connection with your charity and make regular gifts over time, they may well want to show their support in a lasting way. It all comes down to creating and maintaining strong donor relationships, regardless of their connection to your cause or the reason for their support.

Thank your donors often, show them how much you appreciate them, and are report back regularly on how you are using their gifts to help people.

Then, when you ask them, there’s every chance they’ll want to continue supporting your amazing work after they’re gone.

If you are looking to establish a bequest strategy for your charity,
let Heart for Causes guide you.